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These are related to the custom garments news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in custom garments and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand custom garments market.
  • Design tasks and color features for the Halloween costume


    Halloween, which falls on the 1st of November every year, is a traditional Western holiday. To celebrate the arrival of Halloween, children dress up in various Halloween costumes and knock on doors dressed as cute ghosts and goblins, asking for sweets or else they will trick or treat. It is also sai Read More
  • How should we make our Halloween costume fabric choices?


    Buying a costume is all about buying a release and wearing it comfortably. So, when buying Halloween costumes, how to identify the quality of the clothes? So today, I will give you an introduction to making more netizens is to understand how to identify the quality of clothes so that you can buy goo Read More
  • How to shop for Carnival costume


    When shopping for Carnival costumes, especially for women, you will be at a disadvantage if you do not have a good eye for detail. The plus-size carnival costumes are not just a simple cover-up but also play an important role in providing health benefits, creating a beautiful body shape, and showing Read More
  • Notes on wearing Carnival costume


    All other cottons, linen, and chemical fiber Carnival costumes can be washed in the machine, and the detergent should be stirred well before being put into the clothes. All Carnival costumes should be cleaned (dry clean or wash) and kept dry before storage. Keep them safe. Next, let's take a look at Read More
  • The art of TV costume in drama


    Television drama is one of the most popular forms of performing arts and is widely known as the 'eighth art' because it includes seven major art categories, including literature, music, dance, drama, painting, architecture, and sculpture, and is the most representative of the cultural atmosphere and Read More
  • What is the role of the Movie costume?


    The film is a highly expressive art, especially when it comes to the visual elements, such as the classic movie costumes. When watching a film, apart from the plot itself, we also pay attention to the design of the Movie costume, which is essential for a good film to be able to shape the characters Read More
  • Origin, definition, and differences of Cosplay costume


    With the boom in the domestic anime and online game market, many young people have become extremely fond of anime characters and are increasingly imitating them in what is known as cosplay, which has also led to a boom in the Cosplay costume market. Let's take a look at the origins, definitions, and Read More
  • There are four ways to get a Cosplay costume


    A Cosplay costume is a costume that a cosplayer wears for a cosplay. The most important thing for cosplay is not how the cosplayer looks, but how the costume is made. There are generally four ways to get women to cosplay costumes: get them as a gift, buy them from a boutique, make it yourself or hav Read More
  • Introduction to the Christmas costume


    We know that Christmas is all about Father Christmas, Christmas songs, Christmas trees, Christmas cards, and Christmas socks. When it comes to Christmas-themed costumes, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the clothes that Santa wears! Not only does Father Christmas have a Christmas costu Read More
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