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Design tasks and color features for the Halloween costume
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Design tasks and color features for the Halloween costume

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Design tasks and color features for the Halloween costume

Halloween, which falls on the 1st of November every year, is a traditional Western holiday. To celebrate the arrival of Halloween, children dress up in various Halloween costumesand knock on doors dressed as cute ghosts and goblins, asking for sweets or else they will trick or treat. It is also said that on this night, ghosts and ghouls dress up as children and blend in with the crowd to celebrate Halloween, while humans dress up as ghosts and ghouls to make them feel more at home. Let's take a look at the Halloween costume design and color scheme. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • What is the task of the Halloween costume?

  • The color identity of the Halloween costume.


What is the task of the Halloween costume?

The task of designing a Halloween costume is not only to satisfy individual needs, but also social, economic, technical, emotional, and aesthetic needs. As there are contradictions between these needs, the task of designing a Halloween costume involves reconciling and contradicting them. The modern concept of Halloween costume design, in its renewal, must also follow the norms of Halloween costumes for women design and take into account these many 'needs'.


The color identity of the Halloween costume.

The Halloween costume originates from the Halloween costume but is different from it. There are obvious differences between the colors of the artwork and those of the Halloween costume, which have their special characteristics.

Firstly, color must be based on the image of a person in the first place. Therefore, Halloween costume colors have to be 'person specific' and vary from style to style. Secondly, all kinds of Halloween costumes are attached to the fabric, and when the Christmas Halloween costumes are worn on the body, the Halloween costume colors change from a flat state to a three-dimensional state. Therefore, when designing the colors, it is important to consider not only the flat effect of the colors, but also the three-dimensional effect, considering the color treatment on both sides and the back after wearing, and paying attention to the visual balance of each angle. Thirdly, the Halloween costume is a mobile painting that will move the human body into various places. Therefore, coordination with the environmental colors is also a must for Halloween costume color design. Fourthly, there should not be too many colors in the design of a Halloween costume. In addition to the colors of the printed fabric, there should not be more than three colors and at most four or five colors. Fifthly, the color design of a Halloween costume should not only be artistic but also consider its practicality. For example, the colors of uniforms vary from industry to industry, medical staff generally use white or light blue, etc. Sixth, traditional Halloween costumes colors should not only pay attention to their individuality but also take care of their commonality, and popularity, what is popular is what is popular, so that the economic value and social significance of Halloween costumes can be better reflected.


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