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Notes on wearing Carnival costume
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Notes on wearing Carnival costume

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Notes on wearing Carnival costume

All other cottons, linen, and chemical fiber Carnival costumes can be washed in the machine, and the detergent should be stirred well before being put into the clothes. All Carnival costumes should be cleaned (dry clean or wash) and kept dry before storage. Keep them safe. Next, let's take a look at how to wear your carnival theme costume. Here are some answers.


Here is the content list:

  •  Learn how to wear your Carnival costume properly.

  •  Carnival costume is safe to wear.

Learn how to wear your Carnival costume properly.

Wearing and maintaining your carnival Halloween costumes properly is a key to its longevity. Some expensive silk, tweed, and plush Carnival costumes must be worn and maintained with care and attention. Silk Carnival costumes are particularly delicate and should be worn with care, avoiding exposure to the sun and preventing abrasion, damage, and pollution. "The stained parts can only be gently brushed by hand or soft brushes, add 3% edible white vinegar to soak for 2-3 minutes before washing, and it is suitable to drip dry in a cool place (reverse side facing out), take the reverse side to iron, medium temperature (150°C) ironing, this can keep the color bright and reduce fading. Tweed, plush Carnival costume class elasticity is good, but withstand strength is low, so when wearing try to avoid rough and violent friction, to prevent wear fabric and prevent pilling, even if the surface has some pilling phenomenon, to wait for the pilling float up and leave the surface of the cloth, careful manual trimming, so that the pilling off, never pull hard, once a small hole should be damaged in time to repair, to avoid again avoid wearing woolen underwear and trousers close to the body and not in direct contact with the skin to prevent contamination by human secretions. Wool Carnival costume products should not be washed in water but should be dry-cleaned by a reputable dry-cleaner with good quality.

Even woolen products marked as machine washable or hand washable should be washed for a short time and at a gentle washing speed. When hand washing, soak in cold water for no more than 15 minutes, and use the same detergent and washing method as for silk Carnival costumes.


Carnival costume is safe to wear.

Carnival costume fabrics in the printing and dyeing and finishing process need to add a variety of dyes, additives, especially cotton, linen and silk fabrics Carnival costume products, easy to wear wrinkles, size stability is poor, so now some products after non-iron, anti-wrinkle, anti-shrinkage and other special technology finishing, in order to achieve the effect of a certain period of time can be washed and worn, but when these harmful substances are left on the Carnival costume and reach a certain amount, it will cause different degrees of harm to human skin and even human health, for example: formaldehyde left on the Carnival costume in the finishing agent is a harmful substance, which has a strong effect on human For example, the formaldehyde residue on plus size carnival costumes in the finishing agent is a harmful substance, which can cause strong irritation to the human respiratory tract and skin, leading to respiratory tract infection and dermatitis or more serious diseases, but there is no need to be afraid, as these residues will be diluted in water and rinsed off with water. It is best to wash Carnival costumes that are in direct contact with the skin (except for those marked as dry clean) with a little neutral detergent before use. Wear it with confidence.


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