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What Are the Common Fabrics?
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What Are the Common Fabrics?

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What Are the Common Fabrics?

In order for consumers to make informed consumption decisions in a timely manner, they need to understand the characteristics of different types of fabrics. So, what are the materials of the Yangtze River?

What are the common fabrics?

How to choose fabric?

What is a quality fabric?

What are the common fabrics?

Recycled polyester material. Polyester materials are very elastic and flexible. In all kinds of summer clothing, such materials often appear. In addition, designers will use this material as a raw material for various blended resources.

Recycled cotton fabric. This type of material uses cotton as a raw material and creates new materials through the recycling of various cotton materials. This material is inexpensive and has good breathability and elasticity. It is often used as a material for various basic clothing.

Nylon material. This kind of material has good insulation, so it is often used as various electrical products and related clothing. In addition, this material is often used as a raw material for weaving in costumes with unique performance styles.


How to choose fabric?

Know your needs. The specific characteristics of different material products are different. Only by understanding their own needs can consumers find material products that meet their needs faster.

Choose the right material. Cotton materials are the most breathable materials and are often used in the production of various intimate and baby clothes. Polyester, nylon and spandex products are more distinctive, and consumers can consult professionals to find suitable materials.

Determine the production idea. In the Chinese idiom, there is a plan, which means that because you have a plan in your heart, you will be handy when you actually make it. Only when consumers have a clear design and production idea for the clothes they intend to make can they choose suitable products.


What is a quality material?

Branded products. Most of the raw materials of brand fabrics come from high-quality raw material production places, and the processing technology and audit standards are also quite strict. This emphasizes the advantages of various types of materials from various aspects.

Widely welcomed by consumers. Consumers are the final users of apparel products, and they have formed specific evaluation standards in long-term practice. Therefore, materials that are well-received in the market are also worthy of consumers' trust and choice. In addition, high-quality materials also need to be adjusted in time according to the customized needs of consumers.

Built to last. Time is the best tester. A high-quality material should go through a variety of checkpoints during production. Therefore, the materials entering the market should meet the functions of durability and consumer demand. In addition, consumers can also comprehensively consider the opinions of a variety of professionals to make consumption choices.

In conclusion, consumers' knowledge of materials directly affects consumers' consumption decisions. Shanghai Haotex Apparel Co., Ltd. is a Chinese enterprise integrating design, production, processing and sales of clothing-related products for many years. Consumer demand has always been the inexhaustible driving force for us to move forward.

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